For a long time, the chief focus for e-commerce companies and businesses who used web platforms was SEO and PTC search ads focused on generating traffic and sales. That’s still a critical component of business marketing, but now the focus is turning more to social media analytics because this channel has even more facets to it when it comes to marketing and customer relationship management. There are many ways that it overlaps with search engine marketing and traffic analytics, but what you can really do when you have the right data-gathering tools is find out more about your customers’ specific experiences with your brand, and find out from them what it is that resonates with them.

Grouping And Organizing Your Audience

To be able to get to the meat and potatoes of social media analysis, you need to find out more about who your audience is. With data gathering tools like the ones NetBase offers, you can figure out your audience’s demographics and their social media tendencies when it comes to interacting with your brand. Whether you want to go to a more narrow audience or broaden your brand, you will want to look for common patterns among your customer base as well as potential new leads. Using spreadsheets, database software or AI-powered platforms like those offered by NetBase, you can establish a baseline for looking at engagement and impression metrics.

Looking At Your Audience’s Engagement Methods

Good social media analysis involves much of looking at your audience’s response to your brand or products. Sometimes it goes beyond just gauging the tone of what they’re saying and paying attention to things like retweets, likes, emoticons and other engagement buttons on the social media platform. But you want to know more than just what it is they like and know why it is they like it. There are even photo analytics tools for platforms where users express themselves by posting photos.

Taking Charge Of Your Reputation Management

One of the most important parts of social media analysis is knowing when your brand reputation is looking good, and addressing customer complaints when they become more common. What you need to do is not only find out exactly where dissatisfaction with your products or services is coming from but also be able to address their complaints by sending a sympathetic message that you will be looking into them. The key is to have a response system that can get complaints addressed quickly, and let you know if your website and payment systems have major technical problems. But keeping your brand image in a positive light is absolutely important to keep your customers positively engaged.

NetBase’s System

NetBase is a social media analysis company that offers advanced analytics and AI-powered tools to businesses of all sizes. They were founded in 2003 by Michael Osofsky, and today they’re managed by a team of executives that include Peter Caswell formerly of Siperian, Bob Ciccone and Dave Pefley. They have partnered with some of the world’s most recognized brands over the years including Coca-Cola, Palisades Media Group and Taco Bell. They’ve won several prestigious social media management awards that include the TrustRadius award twice, and the G2 Crowd Leader award.