Every business needs a website but often it is hard to find a nicepage website builder. After all, this is the internet where it is so easy to con almost anyone into anything. You will meet people who brag about being a great website builder, you pay a fee to them to build one for you – and “poof” they are gone and gone with your money. So, before you hire anyone – be certain to check them out about everything.

Another way

Or, for another idea – why not do it yourself? Oh, I hear what you are saying “I know nothing about building a website”. But I can show you how easy it is. Using the web tools provided with WordPress – you can build a great website all by yourself. WordPress.com gives you everything that you need to build your website today, plus, free hosting, your own domain, support team that is world-class and so much more. It has every feature that you need in order to create a very powerful website.

Start for free

You can begin for (how is this for a price) free! When you get a website running then you can advance for more customization and themes, more storage space and lots of business tools. You can build a beautiful portfolio of the work your company does and build a more vigorous business site – it is all up to you.

Intuitive editor

WordPress has an editor that is intuitive, fast and includes markdown and HTML support. It even automatically saves your work so you will never miss a word. Using the “drag and drop” method you can embed media into your pages. You can create designer-worthy photo galleries of what your company does. Embed audio, video, documents and much more.

Building to grow

With WordPress, you are building to grow. It has Jetpack features already built-in, such as basic SEO, site statistics as well as sharing to social media. Everything that is perfect for you to get your business up and running and drawing lots of customers.

Save thousands

Try this before you spend thousands of dollars hiring someone who might not really be that good!

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