Matt Davies Stockton Discusses How to Choose a Good IT Company To Support Your Business


According to Matt Davies Stockton, outsourcing IT support to a third party can help you save money, and resources and be more productive. However, you need to make sure that you get the right company for the job. Let’s check out how you can choose a good IT company to support your business.

The Discussion

1. Go Local –

You must choose an IT company that’s local. While modern networking devices, sensors, diagnostic tools, cameras, and gigabit bandwidth allow for a lot of things to be done remotely, the value of an in-person technician is immense.

For instance, if your computer isn’t booting or networking devices have corrupted firmware, a remote IT company won’t be able to solve your problem. Moreover, if your business is the victim of a malware attack that blocks remote access, a remote IT company would be helpless. So, even if you need to pay a bit more, stick to a local IT company.

2. Choose one that fits your budget –

Businesses hire IT companies for cost advantage. It’s usually more cost-effective to outsource your IT support and streamline your own IT department for more important matters. An external IT company shouldn’t cost you more than the in-house staff without offering significant advantages and better services.

Figure out how much money your business saves by outsourcing IT support. Choose a company that is saving you a lot of money or offers you exceptional services. While hiring an expensive IT support company may be worth the cost under exceptional circumstances, sticking to your budget is best for the long term.

3. Industry experience –

There are very few industries where two businesses are alike. If that were the case, there’s no reason for both to exist and the one with more advantages would simply absorb the other one. Similarly, all IT support companies aren’t equal. Even if one has a great reputation and no experience in your own industry, you should look at other options.

For instance, if your business deals with healthcare data, make sure that your IT support company is compliant with HIPAA standards to ensure the security of that health data. An IT company that has experience in your industry would be able to serve you better.

4. Response efficiency and qualified technicians –

Time is crucial with IT support. The more time your IT support company takes to resolve an issue, the more productivity is lost. Before choosing an IT company, check client testimonials about response times and efficiency.

It’s also important to choose an IT company that has qualified technicians to handle your issues. Some tasks may require a college degree while others may require certifications from specialized courses, Microsoft or Google. Even if they lack formal qualifications, they should have a relevant amount of experience for the job.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you stick to a local IT support company that fits your budget and has experience in your industry. Make sure the IT company can respond to your issues proactively and have qualified technicians who can solve problems with minimum downtime.