Ask the best local SEO company in your area and they will tell you that keeping up with the competition is necessary to climb search engine rankings and to stay relevant. Shying away from the competition and ignoring the hottest online marketing trends will only result in your brand falling off the radar and customers losing interest in your brand.

To ensure that your brand doesn’t end up getting buried under other similar businesses, here’s a quick guide that will help you analyze your competition and how to use the information to your benefit:

Know Your Competitors

It is impossible to do a competitor analysis if you don’t know who your competitors are in the first place. An in-house SEO department or the best local SEO company can come up with a list of 10 to 15 local competitors that already dominate the search engine results of local businesses. Make sure to extend the search parameters to more than just 5 keywords and competitors to ensure you can cover all bases when doing the competitor analysis.

Narrow Down The List

Once you have all of your possible competitors it is time to narrow down who your biggest competitors are on the list. Check for similar goods and services and the area they cater to, the more similarities you have, the higher they should rank as your competition. Narrow down the most popular, similar, and closet to your location to about 5 businesses so you have a better grasp of how big or small the current market is for your business in its current location.

Check Google Reviews

Google reviews is a wonder resource when you are trying to learn more about a competitor. The search engine giant allows customers to leave ratings and reviews about a business they have recently visited. You can use this to your advantage to learn more about your competition and which areas of their services they are failing.

Take in all of the negative and positive feedback given by actual customers and build your google my business marketing around these comments so that you do not make the same mistakes as your competitors.

Visit And Dissect Their Website

The reason why a competitor has earned a higher rank above the rest is that they are doing something right with their SEO marketing team. You can learn from their tactics by visiting their website and dissecting each page and link. Checking things like the keywords they use on their landing page, the tone and quality of content, and even the contents of their meta title and description will give you a better idea on how to build a great and highly competitive website.

Small Details Have An Impact

Many businesses fail to enter the market because they do not pay close attention to what their competitors are doing with their SEO marketing. Trying to break into a competitive industry without analyzing the market will only result in failure. Study your competition, learn from their mistakes and triumphs and use every little detail to your advantage.

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