In today industrial era there are numerous technological innovations that have the ultimate role to simplify the production process. One notable technological platform that has a broad spectrum of benefits is the concept of the milling machines. On that note, it is important to emphasize that there are several different types of milling machines. In this article, we will analyze the concept of the so-called knee type milling machines.

The knee milling machines are one of the most versatile and useful machine tools on the market. This basic claim is closely related to their capabilities to perform a variety of operations. Moreover, this innovation is used for general purpose milling operations. That can be seen through the prism of popularity as the knee milling platforms are one of the most used in the industrial production process.

Design of the Knee – Milling Machine

There are a few main components of this machines. The first and foremost is the work table, on which the workpiece is attached through the T- slots. Moreover, the spindle to which the milling cutter can be slab milling (horizontal) and face and end milling (vertical).  Combined with the table is the saddle. This element has the role to support the table and can also have the capability to move transversely.

The next element that represents a significant part of this technological concept is the so-called “Knee”. Regarding this element, it is important to emphasize that the knee main mechanical role is to support the saddle. Moreover, the knee can provide the milling machine with the feature of vertical movements which is used for the adjustment the depth of cut.

Another notable part is the Overarm. This component is present in the design of horizontal machines. The main purpose behind this is the fact it gives the option to adjust and to accommodate different arbor lengths which can extend the flexibility of the knee milling machine.

The last, but not less important component is the head. This unique element consists of two parts, the spindle, and the cutter holders. In this regard, the manufacturer Strojimport offers various different models of vertical knee mills, both conventional and CNC based configuration.

On a final note, we can conclude that the knee milling machines can offer a broad spectrum of advantages to the industrial development. Also, through their unique specifications, the knee milling machines can have a galvanizing effect on the manufacturing process. And by incorporating this unique technological design, the final result is an improved effectiveness of the production.