Wondering what the importance of online reputation management may be? Let us paint you this pretty little picture to help feather your understanding. You are the owner of a small restaurant, considered a salary-substitute job that gives you great satisfaction in life since you are your own boss. However, you rely on those regular orders to bring in your bread and butter since your establishment consists of $4 tacos and $8 burritos in the heart of Jaco, Costa Rica. Travellers will check out your place on sites like TripAdvisor and Google, examining the various reviews and your price-point average through your virtual menu. However, what happens if one out of five reviews are negative? The four positive reviews in no way can make up for the one nasty review. Your reviews will become clogged with disproportionately bad reviews, and day by day you realize that your orders are trickling down. This is where the importance of online reputation management comes into place. It is essential for your livelihood, everything you have worked to build. Don’t let a few bad reviews damage your life without any attempt to mitigate it. You may find yourself getting people to write positive reviews to cover it all up, but what you don’t know is that online reputation managers have the trade secrets that can properly hide the nasty review or article onto the second page of Google’s results page—only to depict the best that your restaurant has to offer. ORM focuses on bringing forth the positive news about your company, in a reverse SEO manner. Oftentimes, SEO specialists work to trigger superb content management on your website so that you rank higher in the search engine results page. We want to bring down a bad search engine result past the first page, a graveyard area where 98{498f45a2d590969326697e149cf583a7ce36348d025b968ab6be0e344e90a807} of people do not venture down to. Scandalous news does grab more attention over happy, go-lucky anecdotes. That’s why your local and international news channels are flooded with sad happenings. This is no new ideology. Now you can see why the importance of online reputation management is imminent to your brand’s long-term strength.