HR and payroll software solutions have come a long way in recent years. Today, most are cloud-based systems, and the parent companies are doing their best to ensure effective migration for new clients. Keka HR and Payroll is one of better known Indian payroll software companies, and they offer a bunch of four products for clients – Manage talent, Acquire Talent, Nurture Talent, and Process Payroll. What’s great about this platform is the fact that it offers two modules – one for admin and one for employees. In this post, we will take a quick look at Keka HR and Payroll in detail.

Employee Module

As the name indicates, the Employee Module is meant for employees and offers a stunning dashboard with all the relevant information related to leaves, attendance, salaries and more. Employees also get a heads up on new recruits, other relevant information, documents, notices and more.

Admin module

Expectedly, the admin module is a more feature-oriented one, with tons of features. Keka has managed to create a solution that not only focuses on payroll processing, information, and attendance but also offers the scope to evaluate and manage Employee Performance. Apart from some of the common features shared with the employee menu, this module gets a few new features, namely Employees, Performance, Timesheet, and Payroll.

Background and more

Keka HR and Payroll stand out because it does deliver on its promises. This is an Indian brand that will revamp and revolutionize the way SMEs and large business look at payroll processing. Is this the best payroll software India? Well, it’s too early to say, because the company was launched in 2015 and it has been competing against 300+ other systems and software out there. They have managed to make heads turn with clients like Saavn and Godrej, and it remains to be seen how they move on from here, keeping the diverse and changing needs of HR managers and departments in mind.

Keka HR and Payroll is based out of Hyderabad, but they have branches in other cities. If you wish to know more on what they have on offer, please refer to their website.