Both content marketing and Search Engine Optimization are important tools every digital marketer must have for successful digital marketing. They have a symbiotic relationship while you need quality content and a good strategy for effective SEO and vice versa. However, the contribution of content marketing is much more than SEO does for content marketing. Let’s examine how can we use content marketing as an effective SEO strategy.

SEO needs good content

SEO strategy without content is hard to exist. SEO needs content, articles, words, substance, and keywords. Significant amounts of quality content have a high chance of boosting your ranking as Google loves content-rich web pages.

SEO needs keywords

If you aim at certain keywords that are useful, then your content might attract more traffic than some other content that doesn’t comply with the same keywords. Search engines like Google perceive content different than we do. For instance, when we see pictures of smartphones we think it’s an e-commerce site that sells smartphones – there is no way that search engines could know what the website’s aim is except if it’s explained with words. Content marketing allows you to make good use of all of your pages and content in your website by search engines a chance to scan, index, and get to know your website with keywords.

You can acquire the relative keywords by using Google Keywords Planner. Try to pick a relevant keyword with a large amount of traffic to cross reference the keywords. While creating content, you might want to focus on the questions that your potential customers ask when they may want to purchase your services. However, if you solely focus on driving traffic from keywords, you will limit yourself – and that’s where content marketing can help you out. By combining keyword focused SEO strategy with a good content marketing strategy, you will add value to your customers by providing them with valuable and informative content, and get regular organic traffic in return.

SEO needs backlinks

Your SEO efforts will need lots of backlinks while content marketing actually introduces backlinks. Search engines like Google rank pages or articles with more backlinks higher than other pages. If you have a significant amount of backlink to your web page, it will allow you to increase the authenticity of your website or blog page – that’s why content marketing is an excellent SEO practice.

How to combine content marketing with SEO?

While improving your SEO efforts and generate more traffic with content marketing, your best friend is content writing. You might want to collaborate with content writers that you can find on the internet since hiring an in-house writer would be costly. Try services like WritingWizards and see if you can find a good content writer or a group of content writers that can help you out with your content marketing efforts.