If you are interested in search engine optimization and this is the virtual certainty for every successful commercial website, you should look for an SEO plugin which is able to provide you with that desired result. The consultations with the well-informed specialists will lead you to Yoast SEO. This is the original WordPress SEO optimization plugin which was launched in 2008. So, you can count on it as this plugin is time-proven and efficient. Being a perfect toolset it suits everybody’s needs. Yoast SEO does everything to please search engine spiders. But first, let’s think why should we get into it.

SEO – what for?

Just believe you cannot do without SEO. These are the methods which make your website visible. It means that the content published within its pages will reach the audience and that is possible if the site appears on top search engine results pages. There are plenty of those methods. You can build a strong site architecture, create a simple navigation. Then the relevance of the content does matter. The search engines will look for the phrases relevant to a searcher’s query. The quality of the content is very important as well as its structure with meta descriptions and tags.

There are various ranking factors of the search engines to it but the readers should be satisfied too. Focus on the users is the right choice here. The speed of site loading is vital, as you understand. You should care for it in any way. Do not forget about internal linking providing your visitors with further reading options and improving the ranking due to particular keywords. There are other factors which are involved in this process called as search engine optimization, and all of them can be provided by the plugin.

The Best of the Best

  • Yoast:

    As we have mentioned before this is perhaps the most popular one. It offers simple and clear solutions and helps to arrange any post or page of the site.

  • SEMRush:

    This plugin gathers the information about the competitors and improves the site in accordance with the analytics and SEO requirements. It is intended for professionals providing a lot of data and should be paid.

  • Google Keyword Planner:

    It knows almost everything as you understand. The tool is free and developed by Google’s advertisers for everybody who needs it. Mainly it shows the keywords which are helpful and able to increase search volume.

In general, there are a lot of other plugins which you will easily find within WordPress. Try them and succeed!