You spend hundreds of dollars to build your desired website. And what do you do? You start running Facebook ads.

This has been the trend recently. You want to grow your online business, just run ads on Facebook and see the traffic float.

And this is where you hit the brick wall.

Social Media like Facebook should be the penetration bullet of your arsenal but it should never be the difference maker.

While there are certainly a lot of marketers who would defy me on this matter, but I would stand on the values of Online Marketing.

So, what are the things you can do beyond Facebook Ads.

Here I present 5 of the best strategies that I have used to grow my E-Commerce Business

Never Skip the Traditional method

Before there was anything like the Internet, the world uses to run offline. The traditional method still works if it goes hand to hand with the online marketing. Still, a lot of small businesses run on the basis of word of mouth. And it’s definitely one of the greatest strength of offline marketing.

How can you integrate this method? Simply use traditional methods like business cards to showcase your work! Make it your walking portfolio.

Also, make sure you attend local conferences and meetups. Share your idea and let the people do the hard work for you

Focus on bringing organic traffic

As an online marketer, I have been playing myself with Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and many other platforms. However, I’m a big advocate of SEO that stands for search engine optimization.

These are the people who need help and your online business is their problem solver. If you want to run the business for a long run, you should invest your time and efforts on SEO.

With my experience, I can tell you that the highest values for your bucks come with organic traffic!

Partner with companies that target your customers

Don’t look at the wall that says you can’t partner with the companies that are directly related with your customers.

If you watch Youtube on a daily basis or even read blogs, you will find many bloggers or Vloggers bring their counterpart to their channel and do a collaboration. Does it bring down their traffic by any means?

No, in fact, both the channel owners have the advantage of this method and attract more subscribers to their channel.

Author BIO

Amin Ghale is the Online Marketer at SBW – A sydney based web design agency, and a SEO consultant at AWA. Travelling is his hobby so he travels blog to blog to embark his knowledge in Digital Marketing. You can also follow his works through Small Biz’s Facebook.