Efficaciousness and Gaia with 5G Tester Equipment & RF Drive Test Tools

New mobile generation in terms of energy per bit of data is continually improving, and consequently 3G networks enhances overall network energy efficiency and sustainability. Energy efficiency in networking not only supports the environment and improves the overall efficiency of the network, but also reducing network management costs. You can reduce energy consumption with the low-energy network devices, devices with automatic power-off capabilities, etc. Sustainable networking means creating ongoing relationships whether it is in person or online based on mutual understanding and support.

Mobile users or internet users demand maximum performance with excellent battery life; therefore, businesses and governments increasingly require systems that are powerful yet environmentally friendly, here comes green computing that has evolved rapidly over the past three decades and the same applies for 3G network. So, now let us see the Green Side of 3G, energy efficiency and sustainability along with Reliable 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and Reliable 4G Testing RF drive test software, Cellular LTE RF drive test tools & equipment in detail.

Green side of network technology or green computing –

Green computing is also known as sustainable computing, green information technology, green IT, or sustainable IT. It is the practice of maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact as the computer chips, systems and software are designed and used in that way. Green computing spans concerns from the raw materials used to make computers to how systems get recycled across the supply chain.

There are several reasons why green computing is considered as important. Green computing is significant to combat climate change, the factual threat of our time. Green computing is responsible to reduce electricity consumption. The rising use of electricity is one of the causes of global warming as global temperatures have risen, as a result, ice caps are melting, causing sea levels to rise, and increasing the severity of extreme weather events. Powerful, energy-efficient computers are part of the solution, making advanced to our quality of life, including the ways we understand and respond to climate change.

Areas that Telcos focus on to drive greener outcomes –

Replacing copper lines with Fiber:

This one is an area where telcos can drive major improvements. The industrial manufacturing process of copper mining causes environmental damage and the silicon dioxide used in fiber-optic-cable manufacturing is one of the most accessible and abundant materials to collect, hence Telcos need to replace copper lines with fiber that improves energy efficiency.

Scope 3 emissions:

Scope 3 emissions are an area that telcos can improve by focusing on members of its business ecosystem as those are generated up and down a value chain by partners and suppliers, but not producing directly by a company itself. This also ensure the existing and potential partners are as committed to sustainability goals. Telcos can start this process by insisting on a carbon neutrality record or proof of ESG commitments when requesting tenders.

Radio access network (RAN):

The RAN is the largest source of electricity for mobile operators and that takes up maximum number of a telco’s energy consumption. So, it’s an obvious reason that Telcos should take care for green improvements. Zero-touch provisioning is needed along with upgradation of cloud-native RAN equipment and authenticated remotely. It helps save on truck rolls and reduces the presence of human workers to attend sites, reducing your carbon footprint.

Benefits of 3G: Energy efficiency and sustainability –

  • Reduce carbon emissions by increasing the proportion of green energy purchases and lowering the purchases of fossil fuels and fossil fuel-derived electricity.
  • A differentiated way of selecting Data Center (DC) locations is to replace power-grid-based high-loss power transmission with network-based low-energy data transmission.
  • Reduce power consumption and carbon emissions and support the intelligent transformation of numerous industries continuously to boost energy efficiency.


With 3G, we can reduce the carbon footprint of global computing hence, network testing plays a great role to maintain the attributes of 3G. You can perform network testing on 3G coverages through RantCell tool, which is a SaaS based software that can be installed in any Android phone to conduct network testing. RantCell is not only beneficial to monitor QoE areas but also analyse the data through its web-based dashboard.