Being able to create HTML forms for yourself can be extremely useful. Not only will it enable you to collect the data that you need, but it will also let you customize and purpose-build your form so that it is more effective.

That being said if you aren’t experienced at writing HTML code (as well as CSS) – it can be difficult. Instead, you’d find it far easier to learn how to make an online form using AidaForm.

How to Create a Customized HTML Form

All you need to do to start creating and customizing any type of HTML form using AidaForm is follow a few simple steps:

1. Plan the form

Before you begin, spend a minute or two thinking about the type of form that you want to create – be it a contact form, feedback form, online application, survey, or anything else. More specifically you should consider the data you will need to collect using the form, and the types of fields that are essential to it.

2. Create an AidaForm account and log in

If you haven’t already done so you should go to the AidaForm website and register for a free account. After that, you can use your email and password to log in immediately.

3. Start creating a form and select a template

Directly from AidaForm’s member’s area, you can click on the ‘Create a Form’ button and select a template that is closest to the type of form you want to create. Naturally, you could choose a blank template if you’d rather build your form from the ground up.

4. Customize the structure and add fields

To add fields to your form just open up the ‘Form Elements’ and select the field you want to add, then customize the label in its settings. At the same time, you can arrange the structure of your form by dragging around the blocks of fields in it.

5. Choose and customize a theme

If you’d like to alter the appearance of your form, open up the ‘Form Designer’ section and select a theme. Each theme can be customized, so you can select the colors and fonts that you want to use.

6. Publish the form

Once you’re satisfied, click on the ‘Publish’ button and select the option to export the code in HTML. The HTML form will be automatically generated, and you can just copy and paste it on your website.

As you can see there’s really nothing complicated about it, and at no point will you actually require any experience in HTML or CSS to create your form. More importantly, AidaForm will let you fully customize your form, so you can ensure that it is able to effectively collect the data you require.