Music has always been one of the Ancient and best ways of communicating one’s love to one another and hence love songs have always been at the top of our favorite list. Many movies incorporate the songs in order to enhance their romance in Hollywood Bollywood or Tollywood. However, this music’s cannot be easily accessed soon after the release of the movie and can only be availed after a few months or so after the movie releases.

The platform of YouTube in such matters of great help as most of the music videos are available there however YouTube not allowed the music versions to be downloaded directly. Flvto is an app that can do this of functions without putting extra charges allowing the viewers to extract MP3 format directly from the YouTube videos.

In which ways Flvto can be explored

Discovery of music

Flvto is basically an app with the use of which one can convert downloaded YouTube videos into MP3 format. YouTube is a very good platform where one can explore their taste in music as after every singular video YouTube keeps showing options of similar types of music switch might be of interest according to one particular test, and now by using FLV Converter, they can easily add that new music in their favorite album.

Easy downloading options

Downloading music apps and converting them in MP3 from flvto is really easy as all it requires for one to do is copy the link of the particular video and then by pasting it on the app they will be able to download the particular music’s.

Accessible from all devices

The app works on all the devices irrespective of their operating system. It works perfectly on iPhone as well as in Android devices and it is also accessible from desktop all laptops.

Free of cost

The app doesn’t require any additional cost as it is fully free and functional while downloading the app as per while operating it.

High-quality sound

When converting the MP3 music’s the app provides choices of sound ranging from 128 k to up to 384k. All the high-quality sounds and subtle innovations are available in the purged sound files.

Different types of music

As the app allows people to download music from YouTube, there is tourist rain over language and people can download music’s from different languages, of different genres, of different times.


Using the app to listen to audiobooks can be a cool way of exploring. YouTube is literally filled with audiobooks and Educational videos, and while doing manual works one can easily listen to those audiobooks and keep enriching their mind.

Offline listening mode

The downloaded MP3 files can we listen to while not in online mode, so while traveling on airplanes one can still enjoy those music files.

Educational talks

There are many educational channels on YouTube which are not heavily graphical or animated like TED Talks, and by converting those recordings in Mp3 format that can be listened to in a similar manner like that of audiobooks.

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