BattleSpecies A Sci-Fi Comic for the Digital Age

BattleSpecies is a new sci-fi avtar comic from Blue Chip Comics that offers a thrilling post-apocalyptic story of superhumans battling an alien invasion. The comic is set in a near future where humanity is almost destroyed, and the world’s strongest superhumans are the only hope for salvation. But what makes BattleSpecies truly unique is the platform on which it is released: as an exclusive NFT.

BattleSpecies NFTs: Limited Edition Collectibles

Only 4500 copies of BattleSpecies NFTs are available, making them highly coveted and rare collectibles. Holders of these NFTs receive not only the latest editions of the comic but also episodes of the anime, digital avatars, online games, random gifts, airdrops, and much more. As a result, BattleSpecies NFTs offer more than just entertainment to holders; they are also investments that can grow in value over time.

BattleSpecies Tokenomics: Tachyon and Yielding

Tachyon is the native utility token that powers the BattleSpecies economy, multiverse, and governance platform. The Tachyon token provides multiple utilities for membership holders to enjoy as the BattleSpecies multiverse grows. To yield Tachyon daily for ten years, holders must own an Alpha-Species NFT. This rare energy particle can travel faster than the speed of light and is essential for the BattleSpecies multiverse.

Hyperwarping and Manifesting: The BattleSpecies Multiverse

Hyperwarping is the process of generating a wormhole by spending Tachyon. Tachyon powers Quantum Dark Beams, which construct a traversable wormhole, creating a portal in a parallel universe. NFT holders require two Alpha Species NFTs of any gender, 600 Tachyon, a separate blockchain transaction, and gas fees to perform Hyperwarping.

Manifesting, on the other hand, is the process of revealing a portal. Unlike Hyperwarping, Manifesting does not require additional Tachyon to perform. The NFT holder that Manifests the Portal does not have to be the same NFT holder that Hyperwarped, encouraging trading and commoditization of Portals. After Manifesting, the Sigma-Species NFT character is revealed.

The Future of BattleSpecies

With its unique NFT platform, BattleSpecies is redefining the way comics are distributed and consumed in the digital age. As the BattleSpecies multiverse grows and evolves, so too will the utility and value of Tachyon and BattleSpecies NFTs. This makes BattleSpecies an exciting investment opportunity for collectors and fans of sci-fi comics alike.

In conclusion, BattleSpecies is not just a sci-fi comic; it is a complete entertainment platform that offers an immersive experience for fans. The limited edition NFTs, rare collectibles, and the potential for investment make it a must-have for collectors and fans of the genre. With the BattleSpecies multiverse set to expand, this is an excellent time to invest in the future of sci-fi entertainment.