Yeastar S20 IP PBX is defined as a stand-alone telephone system that can be used in small business, providing an exceptional amount of features to a limited group of 20 users. All the telephony interfaces are described to be modular and customizable. This latest addition of the new S series IP PBX provides a multitude of features including fax to email, voicemail to email, queues calls and autoclip to record phone calls, without missing any details.

Yeastar S20 IP PBX supports ten concurrent phone calls using its queuing feature and can record voicemails ranging up to 5000 minutes. This new addition to the technology world is lightweight, weighing only 0.3 kg, the power consumption of only as less as 1.8-10.6W. The size of the latest version of Yeastar S- series is 160 x 160 x 30 mm and supports multiple languages, including but not limited to Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Italian etc.

Features of Yeastar S20 IP PBX

The extensive list of Yeastar S20 IP PBX includes:

  • Call forward,
  • Call Parking,
  • Call pick-up,
  • Call waiting,
  • Caller ID,
  • Attend Transfer,
  • Firewall,
  • Intercom,
  • Music on hold and a distinctive amount of lots of more.

It can be either mounted on a desktop or on the wall. The newest CPU technology is being used in the new S20 series, making it very easy to manage, with a great graphical user interface (GUI), and is virtually maintenance free. It features numbers of different new attributes such as incoming call, outgoing call features along with various business, collaboration, and management features. The Yeastar S20 IP PBX is a huge innovation for small business due to their maximum productivity with less budget and trustworthy, compact in design and simple to use.

It is designed in such a way that compatibility range is not limited to certain phone types, providing best compatibility standards and calling solutions. It records its incoming and outgoing calls whenever it is necessary, also a feature that providing calls to set up for future recording purpose. It is incorporated with IP services of Static IP, DHCP, VPN, Firewall, VLAN and few others. There is a single port for LAN (10/100 Mbps) and a single WAN Port (10/100 Mbps).

Choosing Yeastar S20 IP PBX over other telephone systems for small businesses and start-ups will bring lot more exceptional features than others will in an affordable price, benefits of voice over internet protocol technology and other user privileges.