This company is on the lookout for contributors who are not only trusted but who also recognize how important technology convergence, as well as cross-sector learning, is.

No paid roles

Uniting Digital Contributor is not able to offer paid roles currently, but we are able to offer our contributors the opportunity to have exposure as well as establishing authority on this subject matter. Partner with Uniting Digital and grow with them.

Offering contributors

This company can help you to promote your work as well as showcase your ideas on their site, newsletter as well as social channels.   They will help you build your brand while becoming an authority in this industry.  For those contributors, after you have at least 5 published articles on their site, you can become a certified writer for this company.

What they are looking for

They are looking for writers who can write not just the “what” that usually covers on the tech news site, but who also can write about the “why” and maybe the “how” if you have the capacity or the expertise.


Here are some of the basic examples:

  • A known method or technology such as Computer Vision was normally in use in one area, but with the advancement in electronics and IoT, now it can integrate with the edge devices. You can even show the simple codes (or GitHub links) or services to accomplish your proposed ideas.
  • Or you can write about how Microsoft acquiring this start-up company will have an impact on breakthroughs in AI as well as deep learning and the effects on many industries.
  • Write on the basic introduction of specific technologies is welcome with the mindset that it might be useful for other technical professions.
  • Basic introduction of specific technologies is welcome with the mindset that it might be useful for other technical professionals from different sectors to learn as well as create potential applications.
  • Address specific problems or hardship business organization might face when traditional business is undergoing the process of digital transformation regarding the business organization, technology, and resource.

Article ideas

Feel free to drop them an email if you are not certain whether your article idea is a fit for their publication, or you can also send them an email at editor (at) with a brief description of what you want to write.