The world we live in is shaped by the technology that surrounds us and the software, platforms and devices we use on a daily basis. Key to all of this is the internet, and it is this online highway that enables us to shop, work and stay entertained in ever more convenient ways.

Our world is also shaped by data, and this is something that is becoming increasingly important in business. Most organizations now collect masses of data online from customers and need a way to understand it. This has made people with high levels of data literacy in demand across the business world.

But how do you gain these skills, and why will the demand for people who understand complicated datasets grow in time?

How do you pick up high-level data literacy skills? 

It seems without question that the demand for people with data literacy skills will rise in the coming years. But how can you pick up the skills to move into this industry?

Education is key and the online master’s in data science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute is a prime example of the type of course to enroll on. It not only offers excellent support for students and high-end learning, but also teaches you all that you need to know about working with data effectively.

Why will the demand for data experts rise in the future? 

When you see that data architect roles have a projected growth rate of 10{132ca5661d33b808b08d5580437536d912bb65035ae2c8c6bb762cd2ac6f7ccf} by 2029 and data scientists a 15{132ca5661d33b808b08d5580437536d912bb65035ae2c8c6bb762cd2ac6f7ccf} predicted growth rate by 2029, it is clear that people with these skills will be sought after in the future. But why is this?

The major reason is that businesses recognize how important it is to effectively analyze all the data they collect. While other things such as digital imaging or SEO are crucial, being able to draw actionable insights from data is also important.

Proper analysis can help firms identify trends to pick up on and see which product lines are doing well. It can also help them find out more about their customers to deliver effective, targeted marketing campaigns. All this can help a company grow over time – but it needs skilled people to understand the data first.

The other main reason why the demand for people with high data literacy skills will rise is that the amount of data being collected will grow. This will mean more data to be analyzed and more skilled people needed to do it. The ever-growing sophistication of software, platforms and databases used in proper data science also means that companies need highly skilled people to use it effectively.

Demand for people to work with complex data rising

If you look at the rising demand for roles such as data scientist, it is clear how much more data there is to sift through now and how key these workers are to modern firms. As time moves on and more data is collected in more sophisticated ways, people with high-level data skills will only become more sought after.