What Software Companies Don’t Want You To Know About Your Data Security Liability

Published On November 26, 2015 | By Robbie Garner | Software

Today I got an email from a customer. He had a question I have been getting a ton as of late. In the product world, organizations have been utilizing this point as an approach to control specialists into purchasing their product. It truly pesters me on the grounds that, as a specialist, I would be truly disturbed on the off chance that I knew how much presentation they were truly costing me had I purchased their trickery.

Two sorts of frameworks

There are two sorts of frameworks. Cloud/Web based and customer server.

Customer Server implies the server and information is put away in the specialist’s office. At that point different PCs in that office interface with that inside server. Every PC and the server need the product introduced on them. The product should be refreshed all the time. Cases are Chirotouch and Platinum

Web/Cloud implies the server and information is put away in the cloud or all the more precisely, put away on a server that is in a server farm associated with the specialist’s practice by the web. For this situation, the product itself is additionally put away on similar servers. You can consider it like quickbooks online form.

I need to possess my information

Obviously you do and you should. The untruths begin here. Some Client Server programming organizations have been telling specialists that if their information is on a cloud server they wear not claim it. There’s no other approach to state it. It is a huge lie. You generally claim your information. It doesn’t make a difference where the server is.

I need to keep access to my information

Once more, obviously. Customer server organizations have been telling customers for a considerable length of time, “on the off chance that you ever leave that organization you can’t get to your information again”. It is a panic strategy, again a lie. In the event that an organization at any point held your patient information and would not give you access to it, it would be illicit. By law cloud based frameworks must to store PHI (Protected Health Information) for a long time or whatever is the lawful prerequisite for that specialist’s state.

They will keep your information prisoner

Perhaps they are uninformed, possibly it’s another lie, perhaps they have no idea about maintaining a business. Considering alternate strategies I just talked about I have my own particular sentiment.

In all actuality we are all in business. Envision what might occur from a PR angle if a cloud based framework withheld access to a previous customer’s patient records. It simply doesn’t bode well. In the time of Twitter, Facebook and other online networking outlets withholding access to a customer’s information for no genuine reason, legitimate or not, would be out and out idiotic. Most cloud based frameworks have a provision in their agreement for the situation where a previous customer needs to access quiet documents.

Once more, consider the option. You purchase another customer server framework. You utilize it for a couple of years. You choose to go toward another path. Perhaps you move to the cloud. after 5 years a patient has a legitimate case disconnected to your practice and they ask for records that were on your old customer server framework from 7 years back. By law you are required to give them.

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