What Is in the AR or Augmented Reality News

Published On September 30, 2017 | By Maria Merritt | Technology

What is currently in the AR news in Augmented Reality? Are you puzzled about what I am talking about?

Augmented reality or AR

Augmented Reality or AR is a live direct or indirect view of our physical or real-world situations with essentials that are supplemented or augmented by computers that generates input such as sound, graphics, GPS data and video. It is related to a more general awareness called “mediated reality” which is where a new view of authenticity is altered or augmented by a computer.

Computer graphics

Computer graphics have become more sophisticated by using AR graphics especially for games that are almost pushing the barriers of photorealism. Now AR techs are pulling graphics out of your television screen or computer display and are integrating them into the environments of the real-world. This is the new technology of augmented reality, which blurs the line that is between what is real and what is computer-generated.

The news

Currently the AR news says that augmented reality is perhaps the most appealing and interesting technology the human brain has designed in the last years. You may hear it called “enhanced reality”, as this technology allows users to see reality in a different or “enhanced reality” way.

This technology lets users see reality totally differently using several tools such as computers or smartphones. In other words, real-world environment elements are augmented or enhanced by computer-generated input in a very different way.


Remember all the rage over Pokémon Go? This was an augmented reality game that sends you chasing simulated creatures, called Pokémons, in the real world. This is a great example of augmented reality and you might see it a lot in games. But augmented reality is only in its beginning, as there are already plenty of apps that allow you to dive into this new reality. The most diverse AR experience are available for Android users over a smart phone.


Best augmented reality apps for Windows 10 Mobile is “Wikitude World Browser”. This browser finds all the cool and casual places and things letting you find your world in a totally new way. Using this app couldn’t be easier: just hold up your smart phone and explore what is around you in this new AR or augmented reality.

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