If you’re a web designer or programmer working on web servers, odds are you keep coming across files and web pages ending with the “.aspx” extension.

You’re wondering, what is an ASPX file? What are they for? What applications run them and how do developers use them? Let’s start with the basic definition:

What is an ASPX File?

ASPX, or “Active Server Page Extended”, is a file type that web pages generate via web servers running the Microsoft ASP.NET framework.

ASPX files and Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework is open source, making it accessible and free for everyone to use, which is why it’s so common for developers to see.

What are ASPX files used for?

In a nutshell, ASPX files tell the users browser what elements to retrieve from the server. These can be text, images, Javascript, and more. Their implementation in 2002 was to assist web developers in creating better, more dynamic applications and web sites.

Because these files are intended to be used for back-end configurations, and most commonly work in the background of a web page, users won’t often see or interact with ASPX files.

To see if you’re viewing an ASPX file, you can check your address bar in your browser and see if the URL ends with the “.aspx” extension.

Odds are, if you’re viewing an ASPX file from your browser, it could mean there is something wrong on the server’s end.

What can I do with ASPX files?

The benefit of using a server-side server, as opposed to a client-side framework, is that your web page’s performance is not reliant on the processing power of your user’s device. This also allows pages to be programmed in scripting languages other than Javascript.

Further, the Common Language Runtime (CLR) allows programmers and developers to write ASP.NET code using any supported .NET language, such as C#, F#, and Visual Basic. This makes ASP.NET frameworks incredibly adaptable for you and your team’s needs.

Web development programs, like Adobe Dreamweaver, can run and support ASPX files, however, the most common method for working with them is through Microsoft’s Visual Code Studio.

Because ASPX files are uncommon, you’ll likely download them as different filetypes. Check out how to convert ASPX to PDF and vice-versa to ensure you’re able to view and use your ASPX files properly.

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So what is an ASPX file? ASPX files are responsible for web pages performing well, regardless of what machine or device they’re being opened on.

To the user, they largely go unnoticed but are essential for the detailed and varied web pages we see on a daily basis. They’re adaptable to create and code for, letting developers flex their skills to make magnificent and interactive sites and applications for their users.

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