No matter how small or large your business is – if it has a fleet of trucks, there are things that every good fleet manager needs to know. There are some tools that are essential to have in order to continue to improve the performance of the fleet and to help with the safety of drivers. You also need to know that the vehicle being driven is working well. When the fleet manager knows that all the trucks have these important tools, you will have an increase in revenue flow.

Must have tools

Research and studies have shown that all trucks in a fleet should each have.

  • ELD device
  • Routing device
  • Camera
  • Collision prevention tech
  • Toolbox
  • 1st Aid Kit

ELD devices

All of these are important, but in order to be in compliance with federal law in the United States, the ELD device is quite important. The “ELD mandate” also referred to as the “ELD Final Rule”, is US federal government regulations requiring that all operators of any motor vehicles for commercial use and included in this law, need to use devices for electronic logging further known as ELDs. These devices are hardware connected to the engine and are designed to ensure a data record that relates to the operation of the truck it is in and to the activity of the driver.

It is the law

Now many companies might feel that this type of monitoring of truck and driver is a bit too much, but when it comes to the safety of these trucks on the public highways nothing is too much. These devices monitor many items that can show possible malfunctions of the truck and can prevent or lower any down-time. It also has been proven to prevent many accidents before they occur. The driver has access to this data as well as the fleet managers. It currently is the law so it is best to research what meets your company’s needs and have them installed on the entire fleet.

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