What Are the Pros and Cons of Installing Solar Panels?

The sun is one of the most powerful energy sources available to us on earth. With the constant availability of sunlight, it’s no surprise that we have developed technology to harness and use it for our benefit. Many people who want to help improve the environment and combat climate change are installing solar panels.

But, is it right for you? Installing solar panels can be a big investment, and you need to be sure it’s the right one. Keep reading, and we’ll break down the pros and cons of installing solar panels.

Pro: Easy to Install

One of the biggest positives about installing solar panels is that they are easy to add to your home. Solar power companies can examine your space and determine what kind of panels will suit your needs. They can install the panels within twenty-four hours.

Solar panels also last for over 20 years with little to no maintenance. You can work with your solar panel installation service to schedule general maintenance and upkeep. They can clean off the dirt and dust to keep your panels at their maximum energy potential.

Con: Limited Based on Space and High Costs

The amount of solar panels you can install relies on how much space you have. The space you have available can therefore limit how much energy you can take in. Smaller roofs may not have the space needed for solar panel installation.

Solar panel installation companies only serve certain areas. If your area does not have a provider, it can be difficult to have solar panels installed.

The solar panel installation cost is also high at first. You may need to add new hardware, edit current wiring, or add extra supports to your roof. While you will save money down the road, be ready to pay a lot upfront.

Pro: Money Saving Independence

People love saving money on their energy bills. Solar panels can save up to $30,000 over 20 years. You can even sell extra energy from your solar panels to energy companies for extra profit.

The government also provides federal and state tax benefits when you install solar panels on both your home and business. This can cut down on installation costs after installation.

The sun is also a never-ending source of energy. By using solar energy, you don’t have to rely on oil or fossil fuels for energy. Your energy bill will stabilize because sunlight doesn’t change based on politics or demand levels.

Con: Dependence on the Weather

For solar panels to work, they need sunlight exposure. If you live in an area that is always overcast, solar panels are not the best option for you. Your system won’t absorb as much energy in the winter, which can reduce the electricity available to you during those months.

In contrast, if you live in a sunny area then solar panels are a perfect option for you. You can talk to your installer about including storage options for extra energy.

Pro: Helping the Environment

Our favorite benefit of installing solar panels is that you get to help the environment. Greenhouse gases from fossil fuels get trapped in the atmosphere, causing the earth to keep heat and get warmer.

Solar panels have little to no greenhouse gas emissions associated with their manufacturing or usage. This reduces the number of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and can help combat climate change.

Start Installing Solar Panels Today!

Installing solar panels have a lot of pros and cons. They can be expensive at first but will save you money over time. You can help the environment and break away from traditional energy infrastructures.

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