Social media platform is open to all. You can see the posts and photos of other people and other people can also watch your updates as well as photos and videos in order to understand that what you are expressing and what is good and bad with you. Social media is a combination of various activities where you are free to do lots of things by your account. There are numerous websites where you can create the account online and use it further to chat with your friends and colleagues. You can also make new friends by introducing with them and by exchanging your thoughts with them.

Saving your social media materials can help you to stay away from privacy risks

Your social media account has lots of valuable data but what if someone is stealing it. This is a really horrible situation and you might not only lose your hard-earned photos and videos but there are lots of chances that these might get misused in various other activities which are harmful to you. Your Instagram account usually receives lots of friend requests and you also become most active to keep it up to date. In order to make it secured, you need to save all your photos and other valuable data with the help of instaport.

If it is the first time you are listening about this procedure of safekeeping your Instagram account then no wonder but it is one of the best methods by which you can secure all your social stuff without even facing any kind of jolts. However, data download procedure is usually available on its web version but it is soon going to support your android and IOS platform so that you can run it on your mobile as well.  This tool enables all your valuable data to be downloaded in a zip file and you can use the stored data whenever in need of them.

Backing up your data not only keeps your data safe but it also helps to keep your account neat and clean. You can use instaport to save the data so that you can do your desired stuff without even concerning about the data available on your Instagram account. If you are not sure then you can check various online websites which are advocating the massive use of data backing procedure in order to keep your Instagram account smooth and less prone to certain injection and other sorts of intruders attacks.

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