Understanding What You Enjoy With Jayo Filadryer S1 Bowden Tube Adapter 

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Have you searched for a tube adapter for your 3D printing products line? It would be in your best interest to look for Jayo Filadryer S1 Bowden Tube Adapter to meet your specific needs. They would offer you an opportunity to make the most of the investment made. 

What Does The Design Offer?

It would be imperative to mention here that the Jayo Filadryer S1 Bowden Tube Adapter would cater to you with an expertly designed and developed tube adapter that has been tested for daily use in various 3D printing production lines. 

It would be worth mentioning that this vital 3D printer part has been durable, elegant, and compact. It would meet your specific needs in the best possible way. The new design would help you deal with several issues prevalent in the S1 design. Rest assured that the latest creation of the Bowden tube adapter would ensure you make the most of the investment. 

Working Of The Bowden Tube Adapter

When it comes to the Jayo Filadryer S1 Bowden Tube adapter’s working, rest assured you would get services worth your money spent. The tube adapter must be screwed in the PCA-M6 fitting to ensure the ease of routing 1.75mm filament into a 4mm OD Bowden tube. It would ensure that you eliminate the chances of various contaminants, inclusive of condensation and dust not affecting the performance. It would also ensure that the adapter has been mounted firmly on the drier using two 4mmx8mm rivets. You could use standard tools for screwing the product into a 3D printer

Spoilt For A Choice Of Colors

When it comes to choosing your favorite color, rest assured the Jayo Filadryer S1 Bowden Tube Adapter would offer you a wide range of color options. The content of colors would be inclusive of neon green, orange, white, and Hatchbox black, and you could blend in more when ordering the adapter from the company. 

If you were looking for a different color, rest assured CMOC or Choose My Color feature would ensure you choose one of the reward tiers, and they would print the available non-abrasive PLA filament colors.