When new brands are launched in the market, the first thing they prioritize is to get hold of the market share. To capture the market, brands have been implementing the use of product sampling to gain the attention of the customers. Since the demand for the consumer packaged goods has evolved, the way to product sample has also evolved. The traditional way of product sampling has also gained a touch of the digital approach.

Now the traditional method of product sampling has been replaced by Digital Product Sampling. So, what is digital product sampling? Why a brand nowadays prefer to include digital sampling in its marketing strategy?

Before we answer this, we need to find out the difference between traditional and digital product sampling.

What is product sampling?

Product sampling helps a customer to taste or try out the product before making the final purchase. This helps a customer to decide whether the product is fulfilling their needs or not. Traditional product sampling follows the direct mail or experiential marketing method. The experimental marketing method builds a good interaction platform between the consumer and the brand. If the product sampling is placed at the right location, then it can lead to impulse purchasing as well. The main motive of experimental marketing and traditional product sampling was to allow as many customers wot get familiar with the products of the brands. In experimental marketing or in-store demos, the brands do not have control over the customers who are trying the samples out. These customers may be trying the product for fun and they are not potential leads. These customers might not belong to the target segment.

On the other hand, digital product sampling focuses heavily on data. The data helps a brand to understand the customer segment which is more likely to buy their product. Through the analysis of the data, a particular segment of customers is giving the sample product through direct mail.

Therefore, digital product sampling is a much better way to promote your product as it directly aims to tap the customers who are in need of the product you are offering.

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