Whether you have taken over an age-old family business or started something of your own, there are ways you can accelerate the pace of work. See, the key to a successful business is smart work that has been made easy thanks to the evolving technology.  Today, there are tools, using which you can not only cut off load but spare time to concentrate on important stuff.

We have collaborated a list of tried and tested tools that can be used by small business owners or start-ups. Using these online tools for your day-to-day operations will surely boost efficiency in your trade.

 Let’s check out some awesome tools –

1.Solution for all your accounting needs QUICKBOOKS

When operating a business big or small, new or old one thing that remains common is the importance of maintaining proper accounts. Though with big business you can heir professional help, however, that’s not possible when you have just started off. For small enterprises, we strongly suggest using QuickBooks. From cloud accounting to invoicing to cash management and even online banking it has got everything. Also, the specially designed Indian format is GST ready.

2. Answer to all your designing needs CANVA

In today’s world to run a successful business you need to market it well, create an appealing image that urges customers. Be it designing business material like visiting cards or social media graphics like posts, campaigns, etc. all of it needs to be super attractive and distinctive. Being monotonous has never worked will not work this time either.

Solving your problem and saving you money is a wonderful online designing tool called Canva. Here, you have access to designs made by professional artists that you can use as it is or customize to your choice. If you consider yourself a creative being, you can even create designs on Canva using its intuitive tools. It also has a media library stocked with over a million stock images.

3. Hiring made simple with GOODHIER

Getting efficient and hard working employs tailored for your business are a treasure and equally hard to find. Also, the thing with hiring someone is that you need to be sure about many aspects like his/her previous work record, background check, credit test, skill test, identity verification, reference check, degree verification and like. GoodHire is a tool that’ll help you discover perfect employees and that too in less than a day’s time. No paperwork, no hassle, just 100{498f45a2d590969326697e149cf583a7ce36348d025b968ab6be0e344e90a807} accurate people for your business.

4. Manage all projects with ease thanks to BASECAMP

Believe us guys; Basecamp can do wonders for your small business by giving you better control over projects, clients, and team. What it does is bring all work-related content and connections under one roof, making sure everyone’s on the same page, and no information drops out. With everyone knowing what’s to be done, where things/ project stands, and where to get all needed information, things will be in control. Plus, the work won’t suffer due to unorganized and scattered data/information.

5. Store info and manage your data with Google Drive/Docs

When making a list of most useful tools for small business, how can we have skipped Google Drive/Docs? It’s the epitome of organization and creation. You can do so much – store all your data on the cloud (free cloud storage, plus you can pay for more space), create and share docs, spreadsheet, powerpoint presentation, and to-do list. It’s a highly efficient and useful tool.

That’s our take on five most useful tools for small business, that’ll not only ease work but allow things to happen faster and smother. We hope this list helps you get the perfect online pal for your business.

Best of Luck!