Flash games have always delighted us with their catchy tunes and addictive mechanisms. Players turn to flash games for 5 minutes of fun and end up with hours of gameplay. These games are always a good option when there is some time to spend, and you don’t want to read or scroll through endless Instagram pictures. There are flash games for many different types of people. Flash categories are as varied as people in the world there are. It is true that consoles offer greater and much more advanced graphs and stories. But, if you are looking for some simple entertainment flash game are the best option.

These are some of the best option available for the whole family


The name is a clear clue of what the game is about. In this game, you are a blacksmith and have to build weapons. tIn the beginning, it looks pretty easy and straightforward but difficulty increases as the game progress. Your performance in each minigame will give you different results in the battles. In the beginning, you can only craft swords, and this will be the necessary training for the rest of the stages and options in the game. The music of the game is also agreeable, and it is not tiring or annoying to listen for long periods of time.

Super Mario 63

What can be better than having your favorite console game in flash? Just nothing. Super Mario 63 is more than a screen that moves and takes you through different scenarios. It merges the best of several Mario games and worlds and creates a unique way of enjoying this classic. Controls are kept to basic, and this helps to enjoy the rest of the game. Rescuing Princess Peach is available for those pc gamers thanks to this version of Super Mario 64.

Mutilate Doll 3

Mutilate Doll 3 is a perfect game to release some stress and let your clicks destroy a squared doll in a second. Mutilate Doll series have been with players for a long time now. Here you face an empty canvas with a human-like doll in the middle. The idea is to push, push, drag, throw away that doll and tear it apart. It may sound pretty violent, but its design and appealing sounds will make you feel relaxed. There are many versions over the Internet, different dolls, scenarios and tools.

Rogue soul

Here you are in charge of directing the maneuvers of a hooded ninja that runs, jumps and slides in a scrolling world of surprises, enemies and very well designed cartoon streets and forests. Don’t let the cute drawings of the game fool you. It is very well structured, and you will find some challenges from the first level on. Jumping on your enemies and collecting coins in the upper part of trees will prove to be a little more difficult than expected. After finishing some worlds, you will discover the map and fight different bosses. Rogue Soul 2 is also available, and it comes with new scenarios, bosses, and challenges for the players.

Bubble Spinner

From the Bubble spinner idea, there are thousands of other similar games. Here you have a canon at the base of the screen, and you have to shoot bubbles. These are shot into a conglomerate in the middle of the screen. Bubbles start to fall if they are grouped by color, and this is the way you make points. The secret with this game is to use the walls and let the bubble bounce before they get permanently attached to the middle group. Being quick minded and calculating angles can be of great help in this flash game.

Which one is the best?

This is a very difficult question to answer. Many people prefer to play strategy games, and they take time to design the strategy that will lead them to victory. Some other people prefer scrolling scenarios to jump and collect money. So, choosing a favorite will depend on the taste each person has for flash games. The need to spend 5 minutes or more clicking, calculating distances and such will continue to bring more variety and options for those who turn to the internet for entertainment.

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