A strong domain name is of paramount importance for online presence. An online search is necessary before you purchase a website domain. It differentiates your business and adds professional reliability.

If you are planning to buy a website domain, here’s a list of things you need to consider. Read the following points, before you pursue.

1. First Most Do Some Research

Check the domain name of your competitors and other similar sites. It can give you an idea about the trending names. You would be able to find out the latest trends.

2. Prefer Simple and Short Name

To gain strong visibility, choose the words that are easy to remember also. Major things you must consider when you buy web domain name are:

  • Simple- avoid underscore, hyphens and punctuations
  • Short- try to use less than 15 characters
  • Conventional- no extraordinary spelling

3. Choose Something Unique

These names are for the long term. So, before you finalize a name make sure it is unique. Go for a name that is not used by your competitors. It must be easy to speak so that you can also dictate it over the phone when needed. There is no confusion while you spell it and you say it out loud.

4.  Avoid Numbers

When you think of buying a domain name, avoid using numeric terms. Numbers often create confusion and hard to retain in mind. If you wish to buy website domain that has a number in it buy the digit version and word version also.

5.  Give Preference To The .Com

If possible, try to get ‘.com’ for your business. It is very popular and familiar. It can be a bit expensive but important investment for future growth.

6.  Ensure the Availability on Social Media Sites

Social media sites have become a platform for marketing products. For future growth plans, you can also check different social media sites. See if a phrase or a word related to your name is available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites. You use social media as another marketing strategy.

7. Find a Legal Name

Once you get a strong name ready for registration, simply Google it. You must check the results and analyze them. Make sure that there is no similar business using the same name. If it is there drop the idea, find another name.

8. Find a Reliable Domain Name Registrar

There are various domain registrars in the market. Pick the one that is trustworthy. You can get your domain registered from any of these companies.

9. Secure Your Domain

Now-a-days domain can be stolen through numerous means. It involves the password hijacking, and after gaining access to your account, they can do anything with your domain. Several domain registrars offer a unique feature to keep your domain safe. They keep your domain safe in Registrar-Lock status.

A good domain name can help you to increase online traffic. Do consider the above tips to find the right domain name for your business.