Look what I have found for you – just a perfect little tool that will make life easy for you when working on, for example, a very large project. People upload files to your computer and they all get stored anywhere – usually your desktop. So now you have a big project with a big problem. You must get all these uploaded files in one place. Are you saying, “been there, done that”?

Perfect tool

There is a company that has designed a neat little widget that can be embedded into your home page. It is easy to use for anyone who needs to get information to you such as:

  • Digital documents
  • Photos
  • Videos from clients
  • Any other type of documents

All these uploaded files will go straight to your clients or your project folder in your cloud storage. This will save hours in organizing as well as searching for files. You don’t have to track down email attachments or make sure your email inbox is always clean. This widget will save you all types of time.

Simple and intuitive

The widget will invite your customers, prospects, or people working on a project with you – to upload any documents and do not need for them to download a program or even to register at another service to use another program. Most people love it as it is easy to understand. You can get further information at https://filerequestpro.com/file-upload-widget.

Secure for clients

Clients often worry when they need to upload:

  • Personal financial documents
  • Taxes
  • Bank statements
  • Or other private items

There is a large liability to having these documents floating around in an email system. With this widget, all collected files will have bank-level encryption. This shows clients how professional you are when sharing a file. Plus, on your request page, you can have your branding and logo.

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