A solar charger is one using solar energy to get electricity to batteries or devices. In most cases, they are large and are seen on roofs. But now portable solar chargers are becoming popular to charge any small device batteries. These solar chargers were first designed for someone who spends time in the outdoor in mind. These portable solar chargers save energy from the sun so that it is easy enough to charge a smartphone and other portable devices that might be needed during nights in the woods.

Most of these portable chargers can be hung on a backpack and charged during the day. These solar chargers are about the size of a wallet and are perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping out, or biking.

Large solar cells

Of course, we all are used to the larger solar cells installed in a location such as a roof and use solar power to battery banks to store energy for your home. All of these are energy-saving devices and are part of the move toward using less electricity. Some of the portable devices can be recharged by the sun or plugged in a wall socket to charge up.


A portable solar charger has become popular for many uses such as:

  • Mobile phone
  • Smartphones
  • iPods
  • Portable audio equipment

Some models of these portable chargers are foldout models that are designed to sit on the dashboard of a car and plugs into the cigarette/cigar lighter socket in order to keep the battery topped off while the car is not being used.

The energy of the sun

It is getting to the point that soon we will be using the energy of the sun to power all our devices, large or small, and will become an everyday part of our new tech world.

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