Six Incredible SEO Strategies That You Can Incorporate Into Your Online Business Today

Published On August 26, 2017 | By Laura Overton | SEO

Here are six incredible SEO strategies that you can incorporate into your online business today. We’ve even tried and tested these methods in Australia, so that Australian business owners just like you can start to improve your online presence slowly but surely.

1. Write Strong or even Click-bait Headlines

Headlines are among the most crucial parts of the content of yours. Without a strong headline, including the most comprehensive blog post is going to go unread. Perfect the art of title writing. For instance, the writers at Unworthy and BuzzFeed often write upward of 20 different headlines before ultimately settling on the one that can get the most traffic from, so consider very carefully about the headline of yours before you hit “publish.”

2. Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Responsive

The age in which internet browsing was carried out exclusively on PCs is over. Nowadays, a lot more people than previously are actually using mobile devices to surf the internet. If they come onto your site and are forced to zoom in or out to read all your content, you’ve just sent a strong signal that they should move to a better website. Make sure your site is accessible and perfectly viewable across a selection of mobile devices, including smaller smartphones.

3. Make Yourself Visible within Comment Sections

You probably visit a ton of blogs and websites that are in the same niche, so why don’t you join the discussion? Commenting does not always present an immediate improvement to referral traffic instantly, but creating a name for yourself through insightful, thought provoking comments on industry websites and blogs is actually a terrific way to get that name of yours out there. This could potentially lead to a smalls spike in visitors over time to your own website. Keep in mind that, like visitor posting, quality and relevance are incredibly important – you need to be actually engaging with many other individuals in the niche of yours, not dropping spam backlinks through blog comments on unrelated sites.

4. Make Sure Your Website is incredibly fast

Ever found yourself waiting 30 seconds for a web page to load? Me neither. In case your site takes forever to load and display, the bounce rate of yours is going to be sky high. Be sure that your pages are actually as optimized as they can be, such as picture file sizes, the functionality and page structure of third party plugins. Begin by incorporating a caching plugin, subscribe to a content delivery network and an image compressor. That should get you vastly improved site load speeds.

5. Focus on On-Page SEO

Think SEO is dead? Think again. Optimizing your site’s content for online search engines remain a worthwhile and valuable practice. Have you been making the most of the picture alt text? Are you ensuring that you make internal links to new articles? How about meta descriptions?

Optimizing for on page SEO does not need to take days or even hours, and it will definitely help improve your natural traffic through a quick spike in your SERPs. Make sure you don’t forget your Off-Page SEO strategies like link building to complement your On-Page SEO.

6. Get into the Webinar Game

People in our industry love learning, webinars are therefore a very good way to impart the wisdom of yours to your audience. Combined with an effective social campaign, webinars are an excellent way to improve visitor’s rates to your money site.

There you have it, six incredible SEO strategies you can use right away to get more traffic and increase your revenue – today.

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