How to Select the Right Micro DVR for Video Surveillance?

Published On December 6, 2017 | By Maria Merritt | Technology

Buying the right Micro DVR for video surveillance can be a tedious task. The reason is that the market is full of options and different varieties of Micro DVR cameras. Each of them has a wide range of features. All the deals look so attractive that they end up confusing the buyer.

Here are some of the ways in which you can select the right Micro DVR for video surveillance:

1. Go for Single Channel Micro Recorders –

It is amongst the most popular unit of Micro DVR. The advantage of going for this type of camera is that it has a very low cost. It draws the low amount of current and is easy to use and deploy. It is quite ideal for remote and covert applications.

2. Buy from Reliable Source –

Since security is of utmost concern, make sure that you purchase the Micro DVR from a reliable company. For example, Hikvision is a good choice to consider – it is a Chinese company that makes use of great security patches and deep learning technology.

3. Multiple Cameras –

Buy a Micro DVR, which is capable of integrating multiple cameras in the main video surveillance system. This way, you can monitor a large area with the same system. They offer a great internal storage, so storing the videos will not be a problem. An application that has 4 cameras means that it can record approximately 8 hours of video and will use a storage card of 32 GB.

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4. Battery Life –

Choose a micro DVR that has a good battery life. Some people believe that if they enable motion detection, then the DVR will be able to store more power. However, this is a myth. If the motion detection is turned on, then this means that the video camera will not record any activity unless there is movement. Since the camera is turned on at this point in time, the battery life is not saved. However, the storage space of the camera gets saved by enabling motion detectors.

5. Warranty –

Make sure that you purchase a Micro DVR from a vendor that offers a warranty. This ensures that if during a particular duration, the security camera malfunctions or something needs to be replaced, it is done without any additional overhead.

All the above-mentioned points will make sure that you buy a Micro DVR that offers you great value for money.

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