In Pinterest, we all are aware of the option Discovery for searching the new Pins more than the Pins you have shared on your account, but now Pinterest has provided its users a new tab by the name of MORE IDEAS to provide the users an easy access to the latest Pins that are similar to those pins you are interested in.

This can be noticed by the Pinterest by tracking your searches and Pins that have been saved by the users. The content that is somewhat similar to the saved content is present in the newly provided option with the name of More Ideas. This tab consists of the pins that will match the content you like to save and share.

With the newly provided tab of More Ideas, Pinterest is basically providing its users the platform to explore some more recommendations for the similar content which will provide the users a true PIN INTERESTS. Through this new tab, Pinterest provides you the option of collecting and organizing the ideas that are of your interest.

The option is not that major reform, but this option is better for the improvement in the discovery option of the Pinterest for its users. Through such minor changes, Pinterest is expanding its services and improving the services they are providing to its users. There are about 175 billion Pins on the Pinterest network which are constantly improving by the minor changes and new options by the social media site. Through this way, they are getting valuable and positive feedback of the users and a major increase in the number of its users as they are satisfied with the features of Pinterest and the new options they are providing to them to improve the functions of the social media site.

Maybe this is the reason why Pinterest has recently achieved a milestone of having more than 250 million users which are further increasing in numbers. Due to this continuous improvement in the e-commerce and the search options, followers are likely to use this social media site even more. Get more real followers over here to get more credibility and brand awareness.

Apart from the users and their benefit, the new option of More Ideas may benefit the marketers too. With every search of the users about the content similar to their product, these marketers will get the benefit as their pins will show up in the More Ideas tab and this will benefit their business. But at the same time, this feature may increase the level of competition among these marketers’ products as the users will have more related pins which mean they will get more options of the similar products at one platform. Through this way, the competition among the similar products will be increased and the marketers will have to use some extra efforts to make the users attracted toward their products. If we see this with the perspective of a user, this will be in his benefit that he will have the variety of options in his top list of the Pins with the similar products in this new tab.