Their Origins

NetBase was founded over 15 years ago at the greatest college in the world: MIT. They have been committed ever since their founding to provide customers with an extremely thorough social media analytics service that has proven to be beneficial for businesses in developing a marketing strategy. This has not been the exact goal of the company since the beginning, but they have always known that they wanted to, in general, help people, and they wanted to find any possible way they could to do it.

At the time of their formation, the digital world was beginning to rapidly expand, and it appeared as though nothing could compare to the sheer level of competition the Internet was bringing to the business. Being connected to the rest of the world at any point in time, in the opinion of NetBase, has greatly advanced our perceptions, and it has allowed us to view the entire world with a different lens. Their goal is to give people the headway they need to safely traverse through the Internet. They do this by providing the general public with genuine respect, providing them with a service only after it has been thoroughly thought out by an entire team of professionals.

A Perfect Workforce

Something that distinguishes NetBase from other social media analytics companies is the number of professionals they have working for them on a daily basis. These are people who are not only driven to do great things with their lives, but they want to use the life they have to improve everyone else’s. Their generosity combined with their undeniable level of both intellectual and practical experience in the workplace makes the employees who work for NetBase some of the most seasoned veterans in the entire field of business.

When it comes to hiring, NetBase will not shy away from cutting out potential employees who do not seem very equipped to complete a job. However, besides the skills that an employee has, the most important part about them is that they care for their work. There are far too many people in the workplace who are just passing by life, allowing themselves to work mindlessly for corporate machines instead of working to progress both as an individual and as a company.

The Importance of Social Media Analytics

NetBase makes sure to weed out these people because social media analytics is a very serious business to them. In order to give people the service they deserve, they have had to exercise extreme caution in their hiring process. However, this has only served to make them stronger as a company. With the strength that comes along with this process, which may, to an outsider, seem pointlessly picky, comes the ability to create a service that truly covers all bases.

Quality is extremely important to NetBase; it is second to none on their list of priorities. However, even for them, there cannot be a company dabbling in social media analytics that sees no hard times. Part of their process, as they understand it, is learning, and by learning, they can grow even more than they have already. Because of this, they tend to embrace the failures that have come along the way.

There are hundreds of clients NetBase works with that are dependent on the work they do in the way of social media analytics. The numbers NetBase can provide helps individuals to properly plan out their marketing strategies to reach as many possible customers as they can. This leads to companies being able to grow faster, and when companies are able to grow faster, we are able to progress faster as a species.