There seems to be a turf war going on between conversion rate and search engine optimisation. For some reason, experts from both sides are having a hard time getting the two to work together. While SEO is focused towards making a site more accessible to search engines in order to improve its rankings, CRO involves improving the experience of the uses in order to get higher conversion rates. While one of the disciplines is focused on search engines, the other one is geared towards users.

Only a few sites are really able to combine the two successfully together-which is quite notable especially since this will help create a site that is stellar both in terms excellent user experience as well as a higher ranking on search engines. In order to do this though is to not only use tactics in SEO to get a more searchable site but also to improve conversion rates in the process.

Utilise dynamic content

This is when the content that will be viewed on the site changes depending on the visitor who is viewing it. This is usually geographically-based. This means that if you have somebody visiting from the UK where there was a holiday, the homepage should display services and products that will relate to the holiday. This ensures that visitors get to identify more with the content, will have a great user experience and will likely to buy whatever it is that you are offering.

Utilise neuro design for improved user experience

Coined in 2012, this is a term that describes things being designed in a way that will make sense to the mind. This is a good way to improve the customer experience, which in turn, can improve the conversions thanks to the improved aesthetics of the site. It is also effective at improving three metrics: increase the time that visitors spend on your site, reduce bounce rate, and encourage repeat visits.

Use visual and video elements

How long a visitor stays on the website can be critical to its overall success. The longer they stay, the higher your site gets ranked in the search engines. A visit that is over two minutes would be excellent, and while a visit of 30 seconds to two minutes is considered good, anything below 30 seconds is bad news, advised Mason Soiza. Proper site evaluation and the introduction of site changes are crucial in unceasing the duration of user visits. This is why adding more elements to the site would often help increase the overall visit time.

Improve load time

One of the most overlooked elements of any SEO strategy is the loading time. It a very critical one too. It is considered to be such a heavy contributor to site and page abandonment. When sites take ages to load, expect that people are likely going to leave. Checking tools to gain insight on how fast or slow your site loads can do wonders in improving not only your users’ experience but the conversion rate of your website as well.

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