Data archiving is now quite a common word but there are people out there having less than enough knowledge about it.

So, what exactly is data archiving?

It is the process through which information which is currently inactive can be stored for a long time. This kind of information can be retrieved and made active or may not be used at all in future, but needs to be stored for the retention schedule. The archived data can be retrieved at any point of time. It can even be made available at a short notice period. As the word archive means keeping record of multiple files, businesses often tend to archive an entire file collection. The data must be stored because these can be used in near future especially for legal rulings.

Why is archiving important?

As businesses grow, they create more and more information. Though it may not be necessary to archive data at the initial stages of a business, as the business grows it gets tough to keep record of all the information. Archiving helps the businesses to have greater control over their data for a longer time. Data is meticulously monitored and managed so that these can be utilized properly when necessary. Data located in an employee’s laptop will not be available to others and also to the business in certain circumstances making it tough for businesses to utilize it on time. This thing affects both the employee productivity and business functions. Archiving can help to solve all these problems regarding information.

Preventing loss of data

It is undoubtedly very normal and logical for employees storing data at their laptops as they work with these details more often. Though no one intentionally deletes or misplaces data, accidents happen. Not only manual fault, data can be lost due to technical problems as well. Though a data recovery expert can retrieve data, the process takes time and money while the data may not be accurate. This hampers the reputation of the business if happens when the data is really needed and also brings a negative impact on the productivity of the concerned employee. Data archiving using good software helps employee to retrieve the necessary information without the help of any third party. While searching for file archiving software I come across one that seems really good. It’s not often that you find a piece of software that leaves you thinking “why hasn’t anyone done this before”, but that’s exactly how I felt after discovering ‘ArchiverFS‘. This file archiving software will help you reap all the benefits of data storage in a hassle-free way.

Legal requirement

Severe penalties are being imposed on business by data protection authorities. It is necessary to make the employees aware of the fact that ignoring the data protection policies could lead to fines as well as prison sentences at times. Businesses deleting data that needs to be stored for legal reasons get into serious trouble. To avoid these, it is necessary to archive data. When you have an effective archive system, it will ensure retention of data is done regardless the knowledge of the employee. Specific retention schedule helps to lessen the burden on employees as data gets stored and they don’t need to worry about losing it.


Everyone is now aware of data breaching and cyber-attacks and these are increasing day by day. These have made data archiving even more important at this point of time. To keep data safe from unauthorized third party breaching and keep track of all information, businesses can definitely rely on archiving. The hackers are becoming more adept making it tough for even most cautious businesses to stay safe from them. Paper records can be easily compromised from crowded office zones especially when a business is betrayed by its on employee. An archiving system makes sure to warn senior staff of missing data making it easier to take quick steps. In the competitive marketplace, archiving can help to maintain the highest level of performance. And for solid archiving solution, you can use the software mentioned above. If you would like a product demo then contact details can be found on their website.

Easy data discovery and visibility

Locating necessary files is no longer a tough thing when you have a data archiving solution. It helps to locate the presentations, spreadsheet and documents easily which are of critical importance to the day to day affair of an organisation. With a data archiving solution, you know the exact location and one less reason to worry about. The archiving process not only save your information but analyse it to classify and index. Searching the files becomes an easier task with this process.

Storage requirement

Archiving data may not give you the cherished result if you fail to choose the proper storage type. Archiving is only helpful when you can retrieve the data as needed. The type of store decides the accessibility and safety of the data stored. Make sure to verify that the store selected is functional to give you proper service. If the updated technology doesn’t support the file type you archived, you effort of archiving will bear no fruit. You have to decide whether you want offline storage or online.

Online storage

Online archiving helps to get the data easily form multiple locations. Managing the data and adding more easily is another advantage of online storage. But there are still chances of tampering or theft. The data is only accessible when you are online. While private cloud can reduce the risk, it costs comparatively more. At the same time public clouds asks for ongoing fees to get service.

Offline storage

Modification, theft, storage costs and maintenance is less when you choose to store your data with offline tape drive or disks. But in this case, the retrieval time is longer than expected. Managing and transferring of data is another problem of this type of storage.


Retrieval time is a serious matter of consideration. Choose a service that simplifies the process of archiving and retrieving for you. The lesser the retrieving time, the better it is. Longer retrieval process can affect the work of a business as some legal procedures or important work may need the data for its completion. With lesser retrieval time, your business will be able to deal with urgent things.

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