Have you ever heard of Escape Rooms? This is the newest form of entertainment in many of the largest cities in the United States, especially in NYC. These are immersive productions quality in tech/virtual games. This is where you and a group of other guests or friends can take a ride of your life on a runaway subway, chase ghosts all with surprises along the way. These Escape Room simulators are popping up all over NYC.

Escape experience

“Escape Hour” is an exciting escape adventure where your group will be locked in and then need to solve and steer your way out of this custom made and elaborately created rooms where your friends or others work through a maze-like scenario. Your goal will be to discover clues that are hidden, find codes that are secret, direct your group through maze-like areas and find your way out and solve the fun and chic puzzles.

Why do this?

It doesn’t matter why you are out doing this as it could be:

  • A night out with family or friends
  • Celebrating a special event
  • A work team-building activity
  • Diversion from the workweek

But you will need to book tickets ahead of time to be a part of these new exciting adventures. Will you and your friends escape in time – 60 minutes?


Some of the many scenarios include:

  • Runaway Subway
  • Ghost Collector
  • Goblin’s Quest, Uprising
  • Meltdown

Runaway Subway

For an example of an interactive and full-motion Escape Room, you might want to try Runaway Subway Train. In this game, you and your group are aboard a subway train and you find yourself not just divided between two cars but the subway train is completely out of control. Your group only has less than an hour to work as a team and find the way you are going to stop the train before it crashes into the end of the track. This motion simulated train is a test of your group’s ability to think under a lot of pressure.

Grace under pressure

This is truly an exciting way to spend 60 minutes with your friends.

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