Low angle shots are clicked from a low angle, and the lens of the camera is pointing upside. It gives the picture a very dramatic effect. Shooting the subject from lower level highlights the features of your subject. It denotes the subject of your capture as a hero. Low angle shot helps the audience to understand the character’s perspective. It also helps the subject to appear taller.

The visuals that we come across in our daily life is at eye level. But that’s the natural way of looking at things. However, low angle shot gives the character a great height and a sense of dominance.https://skylum.com/blog/11-cases-when-lowangle-shots-work-in-urban-photography is one of the sites that gives a detailed description of the perks of using a low angle shot.

Uses of incorporating low angle shot in photography

It helps in keeping the background simple:

When a picture is clicked from a low angle, it removes the unwanted background covering the subject. This kind of click mostly has the sky as background, which helps to keep attention on the subject. While finalizing the frame, it gives various other perspective and helps to omit the not so important things.

Helps to accommodate more elements:

A low angle gives you a wider coverage. You can simply cover more things in your frame. At eye-level, the difference in the foreground and background is more. But when clicked from lower view the vertical space reduces, and more elements come in the frame.

Highlight the foreground:

Low angle gives a depth to photography. It highlights the foreground and makes it look interesting. It attracts the eye of the viewer and improves the composition.

It helps to remove foreground:

It can also alternatively be used to remove the unwanted foreground. It helps to retain the focus on the main subject. Just tilt the camera upwards and capture your subject without any hindrance of the foreground.

Gives effect to silhouettes:

If you take a photo of your subject’s silhouette from a low angle, it enhances the beauty of the capture. The darkness of the shadow can be avoided, and the subject stands out.