It is seen that many users have difficulty indexing their website. People feel that indexing the website is a tough task, but the point is it quite simple then it seems. So, let’s dive in into the tips that will help you to index your website into Google quickly.

  • Add Robot.Txt File

Robot.txt file can eventually help you out in crawling of specific files in the search engine. Every website owner should add Robot.txt. This will help to avoid the crawling of unwanted files that you may not wish to index.

  • Google analytics should be installed

Google analytics is a tool by Google that helps you to get the insights of the traffic on your website. This will also give you the data about the traffic, which is coming from different countries as well as the traffic that is coming by means of a particular keyword. Using the same, you can target your audience and hence Google will get new content to crawl.

  • Add a blog section to your website

Adding a blog section to your site can eventually help Google to fetch new content from your site which would ultimately help to crawl the website quickly. Try adding 3-4 blogs in a week, so that regular crawling of your website is done.

  • Submitting website URL to the search engines

If you wish to index your website faster, then it is recommended to submit your site URL to various search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Moreover, if you have a website that is country specific, then it is recommended to also submit the URL of your site to the local search engines. All these will boost your chances of indexing the site. You can hire a professional at to do the needful for you.

  • Create profiles on the social media

Create a profile of your website on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Social media profile helps to grab the attention of search engines by giving signals. So, it is recommended that you create profiles on the social media as it will result in quick indexing of your website.

  • Set up an RSS feed for your website

RSS feed can be an excellent means by which you can index your site on google. You just need to add an RSS feed to your blog post. Eventually, when you would publish a new blog post, Google would get notified and hence index your post very quickly.

  • Submit your website URL to blog directories

Jot down the blog directories that are having high domain authority and further submit your site URL into those directories.This will help to increase the influence of your website by getting some good backlinks from these blog directories. Furthermore, it will passively help to index your site quickly in search engines.You can hire SEO Delhi to help to index your website easily.


All these methods if appropriately applied can lead to lead to the indexing of your website in search engine quickly. The indexing of site will not only take place in Google but other search engines as well.

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