G Suite Integration

Published On July 3, 2017 | By Janet Henricks | Software

The system that is developed by Apptivo involves the following helpful applications available for CRM.

These include:

Lead Capture

  • Web-to lead form
  • Email to lead
  • CSV import


  • Lead to contact/customer/opportunity
  • Contact to customer
  • Opportunity to order, estimate, invoice, project

Customize Apps

  • Create or remove fields
  • Share sections across apps
  • Secure sections of fields
  • Advanced searches
  • Create custom views

Customer & Contact Management

  • Store an unlimited amount of data
  • Set role based privileges
  • 360 views of all associated apps

G Suite Integration

Contact sharing –

Sharing contacts with those on the same domain as you – never been easier. Apptivo delivers 2-way sync between Google & Apptivo; this means that anytime you add a contact in Apptivo it syncs with Google &vice versa.

Calendar Sync –

Never over look an appointment again. Keeps track of all your future appointments in Google Calendar and Apptivo. Just as contact sharing, this is also 2-way sync. Schedule will appear in both of these areas, saving time.

Google drive integration –

Sync your Google Drive with Apptivo Document app. Add Google docs to any object in Apptivo, such as a contact, customer, project, etc. Google Drive input rules applies to all documents that shared with Apptivo.

IMAP Email –

Apptivo allows you to effortlessly assimilate your Google email with Apptivo CRM. All emails both incoming and outgoing will be linked to the individual contact, customer or lead. This helps you to keep track of all emails communicated.

Task Sync –

Tasks in Google will sync to Apptivo tasks. It is as easy as that. 2-way sync between the tasks as well. Add a task in Google and it will be added into Apptivo, and vice versa.

Google Forms –

Generate a Google form to start catching leads right from your website. Data will be stored both in Apptivo’s leads app & a Google forms. When someone shows an interest in product or service, you will receive a notification promptly.

Create a Google Form–

Begin capturing leads right from your website. Data will be saved in both Apptivo’s leads and Google Forms App. When someone is interested in aservice or product you’ll promptly have a notice.

Sales Tracking

  • Performance dashboard
  • Win/loss analysis
  • Sales planning app
  • Territory Management App

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