Etherecash is a blockchain based decentralized financial ecosystem that provides safe, secure and speedy fund transfer globally. It’s an incorruptible digital ledger of financial transactions that provides all the financial services, from fund transfer to borrowing loans, from investing assets to paying bills at a single platform. In Short, Etherecash is the one lone solutions for all the financial inconveniences that the current banking system imposes on consumers.

The technology it is based on

Etherecash is based on blockchain technology that provides a decentralized system that not only eliminates the risk involved with the centralized system but also eliminates the need for a third party thereby establishing transparency in the system. But what makes it unlike from other cryptocurrency is its multi crypto debit card that makes spending easy and trouble free, and peer to peer loans, backed by lawyer based smart contracts.

Easy loans are made available too

The peer to peer loan facility backed by lawyer-based smart contracts lets customers utilize their Etherecash in the form of assets and earn higher returns than typical bank deposits and on the other hand, let consumers obtain easy loans against their cryptocurrency under a mutual agreement that are locked under the smart contract. The smart contracts auto execute itself as per the agreement and thus provides assurance and peace of mind to both the parties.

Users even get debit card facility

The multi crypto debit card allows multiple currency transactions on one single debit cards thus making payments facile and trouble-free. The crypto debit card can be used at all major ATMs, online getaways and can be used globally. Thus overall, Etherecash provides everything from soup to nuts of financial services at one single platform in a safe and secure way.

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