Most companies spend thousands of dollars every year to protect all the data they have on storage devices. But, do little to protect data when it is time to throw away hard drives and old computers. There are many professional services that destroy old hard drives, USBs or other hardware containing confidential information. If you have erased and reformatted this hardware, you are still vulnerable to information being stolen. The fact is that if the drives and other storage devices are still intact physically, all private information can still be retrieved.

Physical destruction

Over half of businesses do not use any type of professional service to destroy old hardware that contains information that is confidential. Only the physical destruction ensures that this data is gone. This is the only way to ensure that highly sensitive emails, invoices, budgetary numbers or other sensitive information are not accessed by any individuals.


The amount of information and data that businesses keep on computer hard drives nowadays is unparalleled in history. Now, it’s vital that a hard drive destruction service is used whenever a hard drive has reached its end-of-life. For safety, you need to find a service that does hard drive destruction and shredding.

Services offered

There are many services that provide this service for companies. IT asset recovery and disposition has become big business. These companies do electronics recycling and data shredding. There are different services such as junk/move hauling, e-recycling, paper/data shredding and data destruction.


Some of these companies also even have fluorescent bulb recycling. You need to find companies in your communities, check their reputations, what services they provide and anything else that is important to you and your company

Due diligence

Due diligence should be done on these companies as they will be handling your sensitive information. There are risks if you do not use one with a good reputation.

Environmental concerns

Environmental concerns also are important. Electronic equipment often has heavy metals and other hazardous substances; so, all need to be refurbished or recycled properly.