Why is it Beneficial to Own a Router than Hiring One

Published On November 21, 2017 | By admin | Hardware

If there is a dilemma whether it is better to hire a wireless router or owning it, this article can throw some light and help in coming to a conclusion.

Wireless routers are no doubt an expensive unit which needs a second thought before one decides on buying it straight away. The option of hiring one makes the decision making even more complicated. Apparently, the initial cost looks much lesser. But is it really beneficial to hire one? Here is a brief description on the benefits of owning a router in comparison of hiring one from different perspectives.

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More Saving

Though buying a wireless router might appear to be a costly affair, it is a one-time investment benefiting the owner in the long run. By owning a router, one is free from the monthly subscription charges. So, it saves money every month that could have run for years together unless the router is bought. Moreover, as the router would be bought looking at the financial condition, that one-time cost could be recovered in no time because of the stable connectivity and latest technology support.

Best Features Could be Availed

In the case of renting a router, the benefit of the device remains limited only with a few features, which might not have been upgraded until requested for it. Moreover, the monthly subscription charges would rise as and when the features get upgraded. On the other hand, buying a router ensures the latest technology to be tagged along without any extra sum of money. It would come with the latest wi-fi standards, better wi-fi range, beamforming, and VPNs. The charge couldn’t be more anyway, as the cost of all these are lowered everyday to make them affordable for all. That way the potential of business and productivity increases with the help of a strong network.

Upgrading the old wireless router

It is quite obvious, that in a rented wireless Router one cannot expect the service providers to keep investing on the best routers available for their customers. In that case, a subscriber, in most of the cases would receive routers that are outdated, and are unable to provide the best networking performance. But the same caution applies to the owner of a router as well. It is so because, if one buys a router with good features but things get upgraded later, then the benefit of owning it would get restrained again. So, it is always advisable to keep a check on the latest updates available on the routers and keep upgrading it in regular intervals.

Concluding Lines

The functionality of wireless routers keeps upgrading time to time. To keep up with the pace, one needs to avail the benefits of the latest technology. Though renting a router could give some instant benefits, a smoother option is buying one as it brings about the sense of independence and strength.

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