Positioning the main information without having to scroll down the layout, the menu on the top page, have a well-visible search field and offer other facilitators to the user is the most important element in Google search ranking.

Check out some advantages that simple and intuitive navigation generates for your site:

· Higher Sales Volume

When the site is more intuitive, it ends up making the experience fun.

With this, the customer feels comfortable to navigate for a longer time, which can generate more sales in the same visit, increasing the average ticket and also the recurrence of visits of this consumer – which makes possible to realize more sales

· Customer Loyalty

The quality of navigation is so important that it contributes to the customer loyalty process – this happens when there is a need to make a new purchase.

Knowing that your site provides a great user experience, the trend is for him to visit you again and make new purchases. So investing in quality navigation is not just about focusing on technical aspects but about creating an emotional bond with consumers.

· Saving Resources

The simpler the navigation of your site, the fewer items will have to be placed and then analyzed, generating a saving of resources.

When a website has a very complex structure, it will be necessary to invest more in technology as well as in people to make proper page management.

· Increase in Value Added

Surely you have wondered why many consumers accept paying a higher price on a website, even knowing that there are other companies charging lower values.

The answer to this is in the added value, that is, in the good feeling that company awakens in the client. Good quality of navigation is one of the factors that help generate this type of reaction and contribute to increasing the added value of your products and services. See also

· Contact Information

If a person is interested in doing business with your company or if a customer needs support, it’s good for him to know how to get in touch with the brand through the site.

Thus, it is essential to dispose of your data, such as phone calls and messages, e-mail service, social networks, and contact forms. Position this information in the footer of the site, which is where people usually search.

Another interesting option is to add a specific page to the contact information. Also, consider using contact forms. They are ways to encourage the user to leave the message on time, facilitating the entire communication process.

How you dispose of the contact information on your site tells the customer a lot about your willingness to resolve issues. This creates a relationship of trust that can generate a loyal customer.

· Chat

The chat system has been gaining in strength as consumers increasingly tend to prefer this type of contact than long waits in phone calls or email exchanges.

By using the chat service, the company also benefits because, in addition to improving the relationship with the customer, it has the opportunity to record the history of all calls, allowing feedback to improve the service.

· Self Service

Also to facilitate the life of the customer, self-service is a way to solve doubts and still reduce the cost of the company. It is able to reduce troubleshooting time through a FAQ page, which brings the most common questions – and their answers.

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