Selling in today’s e-commerce world requires that you are as vigilant as possible. Knowing what tools can help you streamline your operations is critical to success. Automation and accuracy are two of the most important backends for any online business. Without a doubt, competitive pricing, free shipping and easy returns are the backbone to success. But how you manage your daily operations is of equal importance. The following 6 tools are inexpensive, robust and can help you better manage your eBay storefront.

Research Solutions

Before you can determine what products you want to sell on eBay or which ones you want to add to your online inventory, you’ll want to have access to a software solution that does the research and heavy lifting for you. Tools like eCom Dash, Crazy Lister and others help you determine what products are worth listing, the average monthly sales volume of said products and ranking keywords, so you never waste a minute of your time adding products that don’t sell to your eBay store.

Rapid Listing Tools

Have you ever fretted over listing a product on eBay and getting the listing to look just right? It can be a truly frustrating affair that consumes hours of your time. Guess what? There’s a solution that you can use for that! Automated listing services like Jazva, Channel Advisor and others do the hard work for you with customizable HTML compatible templates you can use that will make listing and tracking your eBay store’s inventory a breeze.

Automated Repricing

Repricing is part of the selling game on eBay. After all, shoppers are going to hunt for bargains. If your products are listed at a higher price tag than your competitor’s, you won’t get nearly as many sales. The answer: automated repricing software. Services like Repricer Express and Seller Dynamic connect to your eBay store and monitor your competition, adjusting your inventory prices to be a penny cheaper (or whatever you specify in the settings) in real-time, so you can get those last-minute sales from frugal shoppers more often.

Inventory Management

If you are selling large amounts of products on eBay, you’ll assuredly benefit from an inventory management system. Avoiding out-of-stocks is critical in e-commerce, and an important part of you connecting with new customers more often. Good inventory management systems, like Channel Advisor, automate this process and make sure your online storefronts are representing your actual inventory numbers, so you never have to cancel a sale again.

CRM for eBay

The average eBay sale starts with a customer journey. In the day and age of web rooming and showrooming, over half the traffic visiting this site is coming from another online store or marketplace, like Jet or Amazon. Most eBay sellers are also selling on multiple channels, too. The case for a robust system like ReadyCloud eBay CRM is obvious. Other options include Zoho and Hubspot, but neither offers cross-channel integrations like the first one. Regardless, all of these options will help you improve the customer journey, resulting in increased loyalty and long-term sales uplift.

Feedback Software

Getting the right feedback (positive) and responding to bad (negative) feedback on eBay is an important element to maintaining your store’s online rating and getting more sales. It can be easy to lose track of this when you’re busy running a multichannel e-commerce business. This is where services like Feedback Boost, Feedback Five and others can help. They ping you when feedback comes in, giving you a chance to immediately connect with sellers and improve or maintain your coveted rating.

Selling on eBay is a smart way to drive more sales to your e-commerce inventory. But don’t work harder than you have to when there are a variety of different solutions that you can consider using that can save you hours of your day. The old saying, “work smarter, not harder,” rings entirely true here.