If you want to get Instagram followers, you should learn how to use Instagram Stories if you haven’t already. This innovative feature helps increase engagement and gives businesses and their brands an additional area of opportunity to get in front of their target market. While a user’s Instagram feed will always be very important, if used correctly, Instagram Stories can do a great job generating engagement.

Following are 5 ways to increase Instagram Stories engagement and Instagram followers:

1. Hashtags

Hashtags can also be used in Instagram Stories and we highly encourage you to do so. Most businesses that are successful on Instagram use hashtags that they have the greatest chance to rank for. When it comes to Stories, you can get away with using acceptable, more popular hashtags if they’re relevant to what you’re posting.  Hashtags have always helped grow Instagram followers and the same applies to Stories.

2. Share Your Post

When you post a new photo to your Instagram feed, you can also click the “share” button on the post. You’ll see a function that says, “add post to your story.” Click on it and add your copy, GIFs, hashtags, polls, etc., exactly like you would with any of your Instagram Stories video or photo and you’re all set.

3. Using Highlights

Highlights are Instagram Stories that you select to remain in place beyond the typical 24-hour time frame. For instance, if you create a Story that’s particularly important to you, you can display it as a “Highlight” on your profile page, providing users with instant access to the most important content you want them to see.

4. Mentions – a Great Way to Get Instagram Followers

Now there’s a new Instagram Stories feature that lets others add content that they have been tagged into their Instagram Story. So, if you’re talking about another brand or person and they’re in the Instagram Story, mention them. By using “mentions” you will be able to increase your engagement, expand your reach, and get more Instagram followers.

5. Take Advantage of Instagram’s Popular New Features

Instagram is constantly rolling out new features specifically for Instagram Stories like polls and questions.

Poll Feature

This feature makes it possible for you to survey your target audience. You’ll be able to use this feature to determine their favorite products, find out if they like using the products and get important feedback regarding future products. The results of the poll can be seen by your audience so keep that in mind before posting.


This is one of the latest Instagram Stories’ engagement features, presenting a “ask any question” kind format that is easy to share. This will help you get more Instagram followers, help your audience interact with you, and provide you with awesome input that can be used for future content.

By applying the 5 tips listed above and consistently working the social site, you can’t but improve engagement and get real IG followers.