What Are the Best Headphones to Use with New iPhone

Published On July 14, 2017 | By Steven Bail | Hardware

When you are needing new headphones, you should research these Lightning Cans before you buy anything else. These cans will work with any new Apple device.


Both the Bowers and Wilkins P9 Signatures and Audeze EL-8 Titaniums are designed for instant connection and the highest terms of luxury materials for comfort and sound that is some of the best there is with ear bud headphones. Lightingcan’s reviews go into more detail than most.

Not able to use your favorite headsets

You may want to hang on to your headsets that are old-fashioned with their old fashion connectors that are analog. But everything moves on to something that is different and in most cases better and they dropped the 3.7mm jack so you will need to use the headphones that go with the new iPhone.

Lightening everything is digital

With Lightening everything is digital so there are lots of things that Apple can do to improve the quality of the iPhone all together. For example, having a setup that is all-digital makes EQthat is more granular and adjustments that are better than ever.

Lightning-specific buds

There are 2 earbuds recommended. 1st place is the Libratone Q Adapt Earbud. These are some of the first lightning-precise buds that have active noise cancellation to come out and currently they are extremely sexy.

Wirecutter reviews

Second place is the Rayz Plus from Pioneer recommended by the wirecutter.

In-ear or over ear

In-ear headphones are portable, and developed to filter out the noises around you and are lightweight for wearing during commute, workout or any activity that makes you move around. That’s in comparison with over-ears which are bulkier and heavier and takes up space in your bag. If you like music on the go – give up over the ear headphones and go with the in the ear buds. The more money you spend the better the sound but the ear buds are never going to be as good as over the ear.


Good headphones around $100 are going to sound crisper, warmer and clearer warmer than inexpensive ones – mellow and smooth with no shrill highs. Music sounds will be richer and any voices come out being more life-like. You will notice small details that you might have missed when using less-expensive headphones.


If you really want good music, look at Boise over the ear headphones, and ones that are wireless. These will be around the $400 mark – you will get fantastic sound but will be ever so demoralized if they get broken or stolen.

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