Viral Videos and Where to Find them or Make One of Your Own

Published On August 11, 2017 | By Charles Sorrell | Social Networking

Currently on the internet, the viral video is for many users the form of online entertainment that has almost global reach. Funny viral videos are funny to everyone no matter what country they live in. It is the same no matter what the viral video is about:

  • Pranks
  • Sentimental moments;
  • Baby;
  • Cats;
  • Dogs.

All these videos touch humans no matter where they are. Viral videos that are extremely popular are viewed by hundreds of millions and even billions. With over 100 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube daily, you can see the competition for this new type of fame is fierce. But the stars of viral video can come from almost any background and can become famous overnight. And the potential to make a viral smash hit is in everyone.

Where to find viral videos collects some the most popular viral videos in Finland. These videos are then sorted in various categories by video content. Then any user can easily visit all their favorite videos without having to go from one channel to another to find new interesting videos on the things that make you laugh.

Example – baby kittens

For example – you love baby kittens – you can go to and find all the cute videos about kittens that are posted. Without you would have to find the cute kitten videos by going channel to channel – often spending half your day trying to find kitten videos. But with your entire day will not be wasted as all these cute videos will be in one space so you will spend more time watching cute kitten videos instead of spending all your time just finding them.


On the videos are divided into categories such as:

  • Extreme
  • Humor
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Games
  • Food

Do you want to make a video that will go viral? Here are some things to film!

Prank or practical joke

It doesn’t matter where you come from – everyone loves a prank. So, you and your friends need to come up with a great practical joke – and when you pull it on someone – film it.


If you have a new kitten in your house, you will have plenty of opportunities to film something funny because they are always getting into some trouble. Take a laser light and get the kitten to chase it – funny stuff.

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