Top 5 Effective Ways to Improve the Digital Advertising Agency Experience

Published On November 22, 2017 | By Charles Sorrell | SEO

Being one of the digital marketing agencies, you are handling the most prized possessions for small business clients: their businesses. As such, clients need to have trust that you will take care of all their brands. Therefore, how do build trust and at the same time improve the customer’s experience? The answer is quite simple here; start by humanizing your own brand, engage customers all through the purchase funnel, and personalize the client journey. Below is a comprehensive guide on 5 ways to improve the digital advertising agency experience:

1. Be a thought leader

Increase your marketplace influence by providing consistent and relevant information on most digital marketing subjects that business owners can relate to. Remember, do not sell anything. Simply raise awareness about the business topics and then build consumer confidence just by offering educational and easy-to-understand content in form of whitepapers, blog articles or videos. House all your informational content on one ecommerce website or blog, and then share it via social media sites (especially Facebook and LinkedIn) and several other web properties. By doing so, you will attract several consumers in early stages of the sales funnel, and when time to make important decisions comes, your creative agencies will certainly be top-of-mind.

2. Avoid industry jargon

In digital the world of marketing services, we usually have the habit of making use of industry jargon so as to talk about our own products and services. However, our small business customers aren’t online marketing pros; they’re therapists, electricians and mechanics. In simple words, they’re the everyday people. When you are communicating with your prospects or clients, it’s important to be understood. As such, you should avoid acronyms such as KPI or SEM or the technical marketing terms such as “conversion metrics” Instead of this, use a language that shall resonate with your clients and at the same time make them to feel comfortable with the conversation.

3. Promote your personality

Small business owners usually trust people, and not large institutions. As such, your leadership team members (CEO, CMO etc.) or your customer services team ought to connect with your clients using social media posts, personal blogs, direct mail and email. If someone happens to post a complaint on your FB account, have the CEO reply with personalized messages. Post photos of real employees on your social profiles and website. Personalizes all your automated marketing emails by using personal pronouns and first names. In addition, do not just promote sales-heavy content, products or services. Instead, share different stories about your clients’ lives as well as your own life. Let your customers see that you are human, as well not just a faceless digital advertising agency.

4. Find out what clients really want

Digital marketing strategies ought to be based on insights and data, not personal anecdotes. However, it does not take a top market research firm and several months of those double-blind focus groups so as to get the rights answers that you need. A basic 20-questions survey from services like Survey Monkey or should reveal everything that you need so as order

To plan the right content. For instance, survey your customers to find out whether they are interested in your social media tips. If yes, serve them with content from your personal thought leadership blog about content generation, ways for cross-promoting their social media profile and social posting schedules. Use these surveys to segment your own audiences and then deliver relevant information to the right segments.

5. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones

At times, the only interaction that customers have with graphic design company is usually when they receive an invoice or report. To stand out, you should send automated emails for all years that your prospect has been a regular customer and then use these opportunities for cross-selling, upselling or just saying thanks. By doing so, you will be fostering the relationship with your customers and letting them know that you care a lot about their success.

Summary: The bottom line is, your clients always want to feel important — that they aren’t just another payment metric to your digital agency, but instead a supported partner. Being a digital advertising agency, ensure that you integrate all your marketing strategies so as to create a thoughtful, intimate and consistent journey for all your clients.

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