Things You Need To Know About Cloud Storage

Published On October 5, 2017 | By Maria Merritt | Web Hosting

The need to store important data like doc files, songs, movies, and softwares is increasing day by day with the increase of access to the internet, and the increase of good stuff found over the internet. The thing which is more important here is that how we use the big data, whether we use it to store personal data or to store professional stuff. Before the advent of cloud storage, people use to upgrade their hard-disks and also purchase compact discs to store data, but nobody wants to carry hardwares everywhere, and this is where the cloud storage fits perfectly, you can access your data from anywhere you want. Cloud storage is a way to store data online so that you do not need to carry your storage devices with everywhere, and you can easily access your data from the online data server.

Classification of Cloud Storages

Cloud storage can be broadly classified into four types :

Mobile cloud storage:

This is the type of cloud storage which we use in our daily lives. Android phones and iPhones provide this service so that you can sync your phone online so that if you lose your phone, you can restore your data when you log in to your new phone with the same email account.

Cloud storage available to the public:

This is the type of cloud storage where the person has to rent the service or subscribe to the service for a certain period of time. From any part of the world, you can get access to your data, if you remember the login credentials.

Private cloud storage:

Here the company sets up the data center in the space which the user has allocated. Users who need a secure platform to store data and feel the need to put some restrictions on the access of the data, use this kind of cloud storage.

Hybrid cloud storage:

In this type of cloud storage, the server is accessible by the public, but it is restricted to some users. So in this type cloud storage, you can switch your cloud storage server from the public to private, and back to the public anytime you like. This is basically an on/off model.

Cloud computing is a fast-growing concept in the 21st century, and it brings a huge number of advantages like the accessibility of data from any corner of the world. Hard-disks and compact disks get corrupted with time which is quite annoying but this does not happen with cloud storage, and this is one of the features of cloud storage that does not suck.

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